With over 20 years experience of the VIP aviation industry, Alexander provides Aircraft Sales, Interior Design and Project Management support to Private, Business and Head of State clients across the globe.

My passion for people, art, creativity and design is understanding that success is built on a foundation of great relationships, effective teamwork, communication, and creative output.
With an extensive knowledge and experience in aircraft interior sales and design. I work to solve complex problems through simple and delightful experiences.  This extends to a deep understanding for how aircraft, technologies and interior spaces impact the physical and functional aspects of a client’s lifestyle.
Working to effectively communicate the importance of design decisions to project stakeholders, communicating and presenting concepts to internal and external audiences, articulating and defending conceptual and directional choices, ensuring schedules, deliverables and budgets are adhered to and maintaining the production feasibility of designs. Understanding that it is not purely design itself that determines a projects quality, but innovative production techniques, attention to detail and consistency in its execution.

Through Initiating, growing, and maintaining client relationships; listening to their needs, delivering creative solutions and anticipating their future needs I am able to advise organizations leadership on how to improve their offerings to better serve those clients. 

In addition, having distinguished credentials as a recognized leader, thinker and builder with a distinct point of view around user experience. I am always excited to spread the word about the latest trends, through speaking engagements, articles and panel discussions. 



Aircraft Sales
Aircraft Completions
Refurbishment, Modifications & Upgrades
Maintenance Inspections
Pre-Purchase Inspections


Design Concept Development
LOPA Development
Interior Design Packages
Completion Specifications